Friday, June 19, 2020

6 Years Ago in Singapore

From time to time, I checked the pageviews of this blog which re-started in 2012 (my first began in 2006). One stats that caught my eye is that the pageviews in Singapore are just slightly above Malaysia's. As I write it is likely the Malaysia will rise above Singapore in terms of pageviews. It does make me reflect on the fact that I was in Singapore 12 years ago and I have been back in Sabah in the past 6 years. I guess most of my readers are still from Singapore and my home country though I am pleased that USA and a number of European countries have caught up as well. Some years back (I don't remember exactly when) a French author emailed me about my book on Revelation and he told me that he had read my book more than 10 times! And he was reading it again when he wrote. No wonder, during those days, there were many French visitors who visited my blog and my guess is that this French author must have recommended my blog to his friends. One surprising thing (most won't believe this) is that I did not once refer to my blog when I wrote and published my "memoirs" late last year.
But for the 2nd edition when I turn 75 years old, for sure I will read back some of my old blogposts and incorporate whatever events or incidents that are note-worthy. Six years in Singapore are not a long time, but neither is it short. It is almost a median of the biblical 14-year period which represents "a long time". For Chinese, 12 years complete a cycle as we see in the Chinese Zodiac. In four years' time,  I would complete my 5th cycle and by then according to a Chinese proverb, one is not to be engaged in active warfare, "between 40 to 60 years old, one conquers everything under heaven" which is my feeble attempt at translating this Chinese proverb. I told my good friend yesterday whom I have known for 32 years that perhaps in 20 years' time, it would be difficult to say whether we could still go out to have a cup of coffee. And I added to his dismay (by the looks of him) that 20 years would pass by quickly and soon we will be no more. What were you doing 20 years ago? I had just started my PhD study and my most of my ministry was still ahead of me. I would believe in the Lord that there is still much ahead of me, but can I reach another 25 years in ministry, only God knows.

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