Friday, June 5, 2020

Tech, Computers & Gadgets

It was exactly ten years ago when I got myself the first generation Samsung Tablet 8-inch and used it throughout the duration of my stay in Singapore for preaching. I realised then and more so now that my eyesight was not as good as when I was in my 30s or early 40s and words in a tablet could be enlarged with touch and it helped a great deal even today when I preach. Obviously tech has advanced leaps and bounds over the decade but I did not get into the Apple system until I retired from TTC in mid 2014. It was a parting gift which I bought with my SGD1,000 gratuity for my 6 years of service. Since then I had used the MacOS in Apple for the past 6 years until about 2 months ago, my Mac laptop broke down and the authorised service centre quoted me a figure of RM2,200 for the repairs. I took my computer back for a whole month, mulling over whether I should spend the money fixing my Mac or that I should buy a new laptop, perhaps returning to PC (Windows).
Then two days ago, I came across a demo unit costing about a third of the original price and I just bought it after thinking about it over a cup of coffee with a friend. But changing back to Windows is a learning curve, though Office apps like Word and powerpoint has been my bread and butter even on a Mac as I had Word for Mac installed in my MacBook. As for me, handphones (communication and WhatsApp), tablets and laptops are tools of the trade and it is through these mediums that my preaching and teaching ministry is done whether I am going through power-point slides in my computer or notes on my tablet. I use multi devices as I need to multi-task everyday as research and study of God's Word involves much of these latest gadgets and tech. I have Olive Tree App (Hebrew and Greek) and I am still using Bible Works version 4 which I bought when I started doctoral study 20 years ago. I remember buying a laptop on auction in 1999 which lasted me exactly a year at the completion of my PGDipTh which involved writing one research essay and 20,000 word dissertation. Now I praise God for what I have to utilise for His glory, but for most pastors in my denomination, they would struggle to buy a good PC laptop, let alone a Mac which could cost up to 6 months' salary.

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