Saturday, June 20, 2020

Study Room Set Up (2)

It is done! My study room set up is complete. All my books are put into book shelves. The first time in 14 years that I managed to accomplish such a feat. I would have done it earlier during the beginning of the MCO, but then my laptop broke down. I put on hold my purchase of book shelves thinking that I needed money to repair or buy a new computer. I did buy a new laptop, a Surface laptop first generation with only 4GB and 128GB. Half of the memory is gone to download Windows 10 Pro but I am enjoying many new features in the Office suite apps. One thing I liked is the design suggestions for power-point slides. I am mighty pleased that my study room is finally set up. I just have a few boxes of photocopy of notes and journal articles from my time at Otago University. It's been exactly 20 years ago but I am keeping them since I am beginning to write on the book of Revelation.
Articles from 20 years ago could still prove useful. My book is entering its 15th year in publication. Only now I found out that recent publications (2019-2020) engaged with it. I have lost count of the number of PhD theses that cited and interacted with my book. Some recent commentaries (P. Leithart & C. Koester) referred to my book. What I learned is that some things take time to mature, just like the growth of a Christian and our understanding of Scripture. Now that my study room is set up, I am all ready to put in the hard work of research and writing. But ironically, I just informed my leaders that I am returning to my church office beginning next week. 98% of my books are at home, so in my office I won't have any references to rely on, but I thought it important that I took a symbolic step to reopen the church office in the hope that church services will commence soon thereafter.

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