Sunday, June 7, 2020

Study Room Set-Up

My 300 books from Singapore had arrived home three months ago. But all of my books are still lying on the floor, mostly in opened boxes. With my books from Namaus, I think I have another 150 books more making a total of 450 books scattered throughout my room. As my study room is in such a mess, I have been using my dining table for study in the past few weeks but I need to return to my study room to make it functional and a comfortable space to work in. I think I need at least 4 or 5 big book shelves to put up my books or if I have the money I could do up one side of my study room wall of about 12 feet right up to the 9-feet tall ceiling and it will probably stock up all my books. It is tempting to say the least. But with limited budget, after listening to the online service just now, I went out and bought a big book shelf which I will put up most of Hebrew and Greek texts and a few commentaries.
Perhaps every two months or so, if I invest in a book shelf, by mid 2021, I will have my study room set up as far as my books are concerned. But I also need to set up my desk for work space to hold my laptops and tablets which I use mostly to access my Olive Tree App for Hebrew and Greek. On a normal day I have about 20 books spread out and every inch of the space in my 5x2 feet table is practically taken up. My 20-year old desktop computer is still with me, perhaps a bit nostalgic as I wrote my PhD thesis on it, but it had not been working for at least 10 years. It is junk now and I will rid of it and make more space for myself. My 13-inch laptop is fine but with failing eyesight and yesterday my friend came visiting and he brought with him a new 24-inch monitor which could be hooked up and provide a much larger screen that is easy on the eyes. But with the lack of space, I have think hard if I could put up a monitor on my narrow table. However, it is not a matter of if but when I will do that. At least I have two courses to look forward to. "The one who preaches the Gospel lives by the Gospel" and I think the honorarium given might be sufficient to cover my laptop repairs and replacement.

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