Monday, June 1, 2020

In the Midst of Year (Habakkuk)

"In the midst of the year, O Lord show mercy". I am entering something abnormal, which some call the new normal. I have been pastoring my congregation (Lord's church) under the Control Movement Order (later conditional) now as long as I have been a pastor when things were normal. It is exactly two and a half months each way when MCO came into effect on 18th March with only 77 days before and now it is coming to the 77th day of the CMO(C). It is not an unenviable task but many lessons are learned. First, members' data and personal details, especially phone numbers. We only have about 50 members' contacts but 3/4 of them are untraceable though in recent weeks, more than 200 people viewed the online services whom I imagined to be mostly my congregation plus a few other interested parties.
I have a few former members in my home church in KK and Ranau church still in contact and to think of it, a few Singaporean friends regularly update me with their news, well-wishes and prayers. But I pastor a small flock just as Jesus says that, "Fear not! Little flock it is my Father's pleasure to give you the kingdom" (Luke 12:32). Why is that when God's kingdom comes, it will be a small flock? Because Jesus says that when the Son of Man comes, shall he find faith?" I don't know how many even among the 200 really respond to God's Word. Views do not mean they stay on and listen to the whole sermon. Some log in and then log out and it is counted as a view. Some listen till the end, but the question is that whether they put what they hear into practice. Those who are Jesus' family (mothers, brothers and sisters) are those who listen to God's Word and do it. No wonder Scripture says, "it will come to pass that I send you a famine, not of bread nor water, but listening to God's Word. They will run to and fro but they will not find it" (Amos 8). How sad, so many people are blind to faith, deaf of hearing and refuse to give heed to God's Word. I read Revelation 14 as morning devotions just now. In it, John the apostle writes, "the time has come.." (Rev 14:7). The time has come for God to judge the earth and those who destroy the earth. The time has come for us to choose whom we follow. Like the time of Elijah, it is time to choose to put our eggs into one basket, the basket of God's reign and not be double-minded; standing one foot with God and the other foot in the world. It is time to enter fully into God's purposes for us at the end time.

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