Friday, June 12, 2020

Work Station

I am determined to stay put. If not my investment to refurbish my study room will be futile. So now I have a work station. This morning was the second time I sat there all morning and got work done. I am writing notes on Revelation with a view of developing it into a commentary. But the sight in my room is mixed. Outside I see two of my mango trees. My rather large study has three windows and I like it that way. I still have about 7 boxes laying on the floor and I plan to shelve them as soon as I buy another big book shelf. I looked at the 27 inch Dell monitor and wondered how I was able to write two published books on an 13 inch laptop. My fingers were crammed and my hand is still hurting. Now I bought a keyboard on which typing is a breeze and enjoyable.
I did type my doctoral thesis using a mechanical keyboard on a desktop computer and in Singapore I used a desktop computer in my office for most of my work and l lived on Campus so there was no need for a laptop then though I did buy a netbook for travelling and use at home. But technology is such that one has to use if possible the latest software. I could record my video over slides on my Windows laptop with a click of the mouse. My IPhone is good enough for video recording which I uploaded to my YouTube channel. I intend to stay put in my study room for productivity. Last night I spent nearly three hours in my study getting organised which led to my extremely productive morning today.

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