Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Divine Coincidence

It’s something I experienced three times in a row. When I preached a month ago the Lord put into my heart to preach on Cain and Abel. Little did I realize that the two important words in the episode are also found in an earlier episode where God spoke to Eve about her “desire” towards her husband and that he would rule over her. That link came in handy the week after as it was Father’s Day and I preached a solid message and received general praise by the men of the church though the message was equally towards women or wives. Then two weeks ago I preached about Jubilee and I took that theme to link with the Ephesians passage on slavery and masters.

The very next day a Singaporean friend texted me that she would be celebrating her Jubilee next year without knowing I had preached on Jubilee the day before. I told her to read Lev 25 and she did and was blessed. Then last Sunday I spoke about spiritual warfare and mentioned Gideon (it was not in my notes) in the beginning of the sermon and how he deceived the Midianites with his 300 strong army. Lo and behold the day after (on Monday) news came out of Israel that the antiquity authority had found a pottery piece with the name of Gideon (Jerubbaal) written on it, from 1,100 BC i.e., more than 3,000 years old artifact. Amazing! Is it purely coincidence these 3 or 4 incidents that somewhat my sermons were confirmed in various ways and persons? I call every incident a divine coincidence. 

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