Friday, July 16, 2021

Sadness & Supplication

In the past days and weeks I have this great sadness in my heart. Thankfully my elders sensed it and when I sent the prayers’ Friday schedule to them for endorsement, they replied and expressed the desire to return to worship as church as soon as possible. Very few churches would have leaders such as ours as most are quite content to stay at home and watch online services and I emphasize the word, “watch” because in the main that’s what people are doing what they go online. They are watching hardly worshipping and even God’s Word comes at a distance at the comfort of their living rooms, perhaps talking or enjoying coffee or playing computer games while listening. Is this what you call worship? Hence, my sadness that zeal has gone out of the window and love has grown cold. What is left for me to do except to supplicate quietly with groaning and sighing before the Lord? Lord You will not despise the prayers of Your prisoners. Am I not a shepherd unto You on a woeful day? (Jeremiah 29).

Technology is great but it should not master us or control the way we do things. I write a blog since 2006 and restarted in 2012 after a year break in 2011 and now the count reads almost 250,000 visitors. I may or may not ever visit USA, but the majority of my readers are Americans. For that I give thanks to You O Lord for You are God of the whole earth and every nation will bow to You and Your Word. When I say love has grown cold because in difficult times people care more for themselves and their own interests but not of the interests of Jesus Christ’s (Philippians). I intend to give and do charity the best I can even when I am without much resources. Tomorrow I am bringing with me another bag or two of groceries. I bought various items last night and it is all ready to be given to this one family. They have three added members with a mother who had given birth to twins. I pray that at least one member will make it to church when I record my sermon there tomorrow. COVID-19 cases are not decreasing but are rising, and inexplicably, the State director of health was transferred to West Malaysia. She has a PhD in public health and epidemiology and seems to be doing a great job in Sabah which has one of the least COVID-19 cases in Malaysia. Is it a coincidence that two days ago when news of her transfer were out that Covid 19 cases began to rise? Why change the captain of the ship in mid-stream? State and national politics give more questions than answers and Lord, I can only groan and sigh, Lord do not allow this plague to go on longer but in Your wrath, remember mercy. Why are the wicked not punished? And the righteous are sidelined into silence? 

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