Monday, July 26, 2021

Sense of Divine Calling

I suppose what has kept me going all these years is the sense of divine calling. Despite severe challenges within and without, with false brothers and strangers on every side, I have persevered in God's calling until today. I never give up hope. I pray for my immediate family regularly. Early this morning two of my brothers greeted me and wished me well. In fact it had been a while since we chatted, one from Sydney and the other in KK. I will remember their good will for a long time. Heartache is also aplenty. Did not Jesus say, "three will be against two in the family and son will rise against his father, and so on"? Scripture cannot be broken. Jesus did not come to bring "peace" but a sword, casting fire on earth from heaven.

Even in John's Gospel, an apostle of love, you have every other chapter filled with the opponents of Jesus, breathing hatred and murderous threats against the Prince of Life and the King of Salem/Peace. Can you explain that there are so many treacherous people out there? Having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof, and Paul the apostle said - to avoid such people! Religiosity is never in short supply, but religious people could be the worst people without an ounce of love, no honour and let alone loyalty to one's friends. The spirit of this world is as much in control of religious leaders as the most wicked tyrant on earth. And at the end, they will combine - the beast (political leader) and the false prophet (religious leader) will unite to persecute that one true church (Rev 13). Are we ready for all these? This afternoon I was almost refused entrance into one of the main supermalls. I registered by scanning an app provided by the government but I refused to download an app which tracks all my movements. The person in charge confessed that they wanted to know every of my movement "just in case". It is precisely this reason that I will not allow anybody, government or anyone else to monitor my whereabouts every second. This is the spirit of antichrist and the number of 666 is about to be revealed. 

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