Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Bible College in Ranau

I listened to the video of the College's Choir which sang during the November 2019's Convocation in Ranau. No one knew at that time soon a pandemic of such huge proportion will hit the world and Sabah in the following few months. That pandemic has prevented me from accepting an invitation to the College next month or even in September as things are not looking very good in the State with more than 600 Covid-19 cases daily for the past 4 days. When I listened to the song, initially many thought why they chose such a solemn-sounding song at a convocation. Normally, choirs sing hearty or upbeat songs during graduation ceremonies. But on hindsight the song is very much in line with the mood for the past 18 months of this current pandemic with no end in sight. It reflects the sadness of the Lord and His grieve over His people for they are hapless, very much like sheep without a shepherd.

Today I asked my intercessors' group to pray for the College, for its lecturers and students in Ranau. I sent two verses from Jeremiah 3:15-16 and 23:4-5 about God raising pastors and shepherds in the End-time to shepherd His people with knowledge and understanding. Then, the church will grow and it will bear fruits in all the land and be a light in the nation and to the nations of the world. 

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