Monday, March 21, 2022

Middle of the Season

I came across a blogpost I wrote on 31st January 2017, right in the middle of my 4-year period in Ranau which ended on 31st January 2019. I read a passage there that my Triton had done 35,000 kms over two years and yes it was right in the middle as when I came back to KOTA KINABALU I would have done 70,000kms in 4 years up the mountains and down the valleys. I miss my pickup truck. Sometimes I feel I should not have sold the car. Now when I travelled to outstation, I get worried about potholes and flash floods which my Triton had traversed many times.

When an invitation came from Malinsau last month, I hesitated because the road from Ranau to the place of ministry would take at least 2 and a half hours' drive on very bad road. I may have to ask the hosting church to come and pick me in Ranau. I remember about 7 years ago, I drove from Malinsau in break-neck speed and made it back to Ranau in 90 minutes. My Triton came in handy as I drove over many holes and sped along uneven gravel and sandy and rocky roads. I drove fast because I left the church at 4.30pm and I knew I had to get back to Ranau before it was dark. Losing one's way along deserted gravel roads with no houses within 10 kilometres is not something you want to find yourself in. When I sold my Triton 6 months ago, I thought my travelling to the interior had come to an end. Further, maintenance of the pick-up was costly and I felt I had to sell when there was still some value in the car. But now I am in a bind. Whenever I receive calls from my friends in the villages, I felt that one day I would love to visit them and share God's Word with them. Many of the roads are still bad only accessible by 4-wheel drive. 

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