Sunday, March 27, 2022

Sunday Service

Service can mean several things. First, Sunday worship with preaching. Second, it is what we do in response to God’s love, either in service to God or to men for the glory of God. Now that my Sundays are “free” I have more time to do service for others. One is service to my family especially my elderly mother. Before this, Sunday is the busiest time of my ministry and at best I can afford Sunday evening if there is a family event.

But today for a second time I had lunch with my mum and brother and their families. Over lunch I managed to share with my younger brother about the Bible when he asked whether what is happening, this Covid19 pandemic is predicted in the Bible. I jumped at the chance at explaining to him that in the End time pestilence and plagues will multiply and God will protect His people. But I also told him how God protects His people from the plagues, namely by sealing them in their foreheads. I told him the Bible reference and he read it aloud in front of everyone gathered for lunch. I don’t ever remember my brother or any family member reading the Bible and normally they are dismissive whenever a reference to the Bible is quoted. I told him that vaccines are one way of protection but it should not be mandated and should be left to individual decision. I cited a Member of Parliament from Sarawak’s speech in Parliament and reported in Borneo Post that this MP had a number of his constituents suffering from side effects and not a few even died due to the vaccines. So I told my mother that a Jesus’ saying that he would leave the 99 healthy sheep and go and look for the one sheep that has gone astray. When the church only caters for the healthy majority, it is no longer a church because a church is where everyone is accepted, sinners so that they could be converted, the sick so that they could be healed and whatever social class, poor or destitute God is a refuge to all who come to Him and whoever comes to Him, He shall no wise cast out. 

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