Monday, March 7, 2022

Scholarly Pursuits

The wisdom of Sirach which did not make it as part of the canon tells us that scholarly pursuits require much leisurely time (Sirach 39). I have been staying at home for more than 5 months and the past two months revising my book on the Song of Songs. Sometimes I despair of taking so much time, revising and re-writing and editing my book. But today I came to the realization that God is eternal and dwell in timelessness, though He is the creator of time which He will wrap up in good time and return to a time when it is called "time is no more" (Rev 10:6).

After so many Sundays at home it was a few weeks ago that I felt for once such timelessness that I was no longer bound by a schedule or a time-table but that I am free from mundane tasks. When people said "what a waste you are not ministering"; in my heart I felt they should read the prophets. Elijah suddenly appeared in 1 Kings 17 and we do not know what He did when God did not tell him to appear before Ahab and the false prophets. Elijah was contented to be alone and he lived with a widow for a time and then after anointing Elisha, he disappeared into glory. What a life. Likewise John the Baptist served less than a year and Jesus called him the greatest of all prophets. Apostle Paul certainly did not see his ministry as upward mobility or else he would not do so many daring things and multiple times got himself arrested. It is ironic how fearful of men these so-called Christians can become. They don't even pray or wait a day or two but they acted out of fear and justifying themselves as obeying the government of the day while not knowing their actions divide and destroy the church for whom Christ has died. But now I am content with my scholarly pursuits. I am not looking for tenured professorship or lectureship anywhere. What I write, be it in a blogpost or in a book, I aim to serve the Lord and edify believers in their faith.

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