Tuesday, March 29, 2022

My Protector God (LXX Psalm 30; MT31)

On Sunday and yesterday I meditated deeply in God's Word from the Psalms as usual. David with all his experience of life is the man's man. There is a Psalm for every situation in life and God intended the book of Psalms to be so. When I cry out to God and He answered, "I am your protector God". Protection from what, you may ask? Since human beings are so self reliant and mock those who are helpless and look to God for help.

Human beings think they are so wise, so much in control of their lives that there is no need for God. But I cry out to God every time and every day. For His protection from the pestilence and plague. From untoward incidents or accidents. From financial ruin. David cried out to God and affirmed his faith in his God. One verse says it is God who guides and nourishes me. In the LXX Greek the word "diatrepho" means feeding and David knew it was God who sustained him throughout his life. In his hideout and living in caves to hide from Saul. David had to look to God. In Psalm 119 David said there were princes persecuting him, but his trust was in God to protect him. Princes before David became king were those in authority in Saul's court. After becoming king, princes might mean his own sons who also persecuted him. Absalom led an army to capture with the intention of killing David. David had experienced it all. Whether it is our church leaders, the princes or our own children, they could act shamefully and betray us, but God protects us from all that. In the book of Psalms even now God is our protector God.

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