Saturday, March 19, 2022

Keeping Up with Tech

I have just readjusted my table set-up in preparation for writing a new book. It's sea change for me and it gave me new impetus and I have written the first 1,500 words of my Galatian commentary in Malay within the last 24 hours. I know the market for my Malay books is small but I serve this indigenous community that needs all the help they can get, whether they appreciate it or not. I invested some money on new tech. Not new tech but 18-month old tech, Apple M1 Mac Mini which came out October 2020. My MacBook Pro 13 inch had gone past 4 years old and with only duo core and 256GB memory, it is slowing down. For the past 12 months, I kept deleting files to make room for me to save newer files and videos. So a few days ago I decided to take the plunge and bought a Mac Mini and a Magic Trackpad. It costs slight over RM4,000.00 with Apple premium that was the least expensive computer and configuration I could get for my publication purposes. I already got a cheap monitor (RM650.00) about 18 months ago, so I have been typing and using this monitor basically to write the Song of Solomon. My first Apple computer was a MacBook Air 11-inch which I bought with the SGD 1,000 honorarium during the TTC's Farewell and used it for several months at the MRT stations and trains and cafes while travelling around Singapore Island. I used the 11-inch MacBook for about 4 years before buying the MacBook Pro 13inch at Changi Airport, again using the a gift I received. But with age and failing eyesight, I found I hardly used the 11inch now and even the 13inch laptop seems incredibly small. If I were to purchase a new laptop in the future I would for the 16 or 17-inch model. But now I make do with the Mac mini connected with the 27-inch monitor. Keeping up with tech is part of the trade as pastor. Who would have predicted that we recorded sermons on audio and videos for the past 24 months? For nearly 22 months since May or June 2020, I conducted Google Meet bible Study for teenagers and then an adult Bible Study. For all these until now, I still use a grainy 720p face-time camera on my 13inch laptop. When I conducted the Webinar over Zoom last October on Revelation, I used my iPhone 11's front camera which is much better, though the 6.1 inch screen is way too small to conduct any substantial and sustained Bible teaching. But I persisted. We live in 2022, an exciting time in terms of advancement of technology and pastors need to keep up to communicate the Gospel and biblical truths to the world in whatever ways possible by means of technology and computers, either face to face or online by the will of the Lord. 

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