Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Greek & Bible Camp

I always take courage after listening to our Chapel's sermons. After last week's Day of Prayer and today's sermons gave me a lift in my spirits. If my colleagues can preach so well, sound in doctrine, evangelical with charity that comes from genuine faith and a good conscience, there is hope and a future for the College and the churches we serve. But what I want to share is this plan I have for sometime now, that is to get school leavers, O and A levels students, perhaps after their final exams to attend a Greek and Bible Camp for 3 weeks.

I have no idea whether there is interest in such a Camp where for 3 weeks, we will learn Greek in the mornings (9am to 1pm) and the Bible at night from 7-10pm. So in total it will be at least 50 hours of Greek and 40 hours of Bible, a survey from Genesis to Revelation. From such Camps, we hope to recruit young people for the ministry and if they go on to their university study, they will be equipped with elementary koine Greek and knowledge of the Bible.

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