Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Still on the Septuagint

I am immersed in the Septuagint today. I brought my Rahlfs' LXX version to Chapel and read LXX Genesis 15:1-10. Amazingly, it sounds so close to Paul's Romans when he spoke about Abraham being reckoned righteous by believing. On Monday, one graduating student preached an outstanding sermon and in his sermon he asked, "if a Tsunami is coming your way, what would you take? your laptop, smartphone, passport? In my mind, I saw myself taking the blue-cover, Septuagint.

And now the German Bible Society has published a 3,000 page Septuaginta alongside NA28th edition of the Greek New Testament in one hard-bound volume. If I have loads of cash I will go for that as I already bought my Olive Tree LXX Parsed a few months back and now considering buying the online Parsed NA28th edition. I have the diglot NA28th ed. with me which I used for my NT 1 and Romans class. The smaller blue-cover NA27th edition is still handy to carry around. And for my morning devotions, I use the UBS' Greek NT Readers' Edition. I am seriously considering offering an elective, "Reading Biblical Greek" next Semester, especially targeted for pastors and church leaders who have some elementary Greek but want to do a refreshers' course. It's just too costly to lose your Greek. Now back to the Septuagint.

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