Saturday, August 17, 2013

"No Longer Working a Single Day"

Yesterday I was told of a saying (Confucius?) that "if you found the job you like you will not work a single day". I can affirm this without reservation that if you walk according to God's calling in your life, you will feel as if you are not working for a living at all but a vocation or a calling in which one finds fulfilment and satisfaction.

When I am preaching, therein lies my work that fulfils and satisfies even as Chrysostom said, "Once I open my mouth [in preaching] all tiredness is gone. (see my first post last August). And this must be about 150th time I will be preaching since I landed in Singapore 62 months ago. This has been my 3rd phase in life. The first I preached about 300 sermons in 4 years (1994-1998), the second as a pastor (2003-2008) about 200 sermons in 62 months and now about 150 sermons. The numbers seem to be falling or is that a concern? As the Lord wills, Father, let your will be done!

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