Saturday, August 24, 2013

Uncharted Waters

I was moved in my heart yesterday in the presence of the Lord, waiting on Him and worshipping Him. God delights in those who long to see His face for God seeks after true worshippers those who will worship him in spirit and in truth (John 4:24). I realized that by next week I shall be entering uncharted waters, never before in my life I have been in the same post or position or in one place for so long, that is beyond 5 years and 3 months.

The longest was my pastorate in Kota Kinabalu, then my legal practice in KK (5 years) and then as an Executive Pastor-cum-Treasurer and before that one year as a Bible Teacher, my first posting in full-time ministry. It's good to be able to move about while still youthful, gaining experience for effective ministry. Often times, much more than paper qualifications, my almost 2 decade-long experience in ministry and the secular world have equipped me to be an effective teacher in the class-room and preacher in churches. I would not dare dream to train pastors if I had not been one myself and have experienced the struggles - joy and sadness that comes with the calling of a pastor. Not that I have more joy than sadness as a lecturer now - I am often sad despite wearing a smile and some say, a cheerful disposition. Sad, because there is much lack in biblical literacy. The people of God are facing famine, not famine of food but famine for the hearing of God's Word. I don't see much hunger anywhere for God's Word. Sad, because much worship is taught by men, by rote and human tradition and very few know how to worship in spirit and in truth and hence, there is little genuine knowledge of God for God is known through worship as He reveals Himself to those who look upon Him in delight. For who would reveal himself (certainly not the Almighty!) to those who are half-hearted, going through the motions, acting out of obligation or obeying human precepts but no love of God in their hearts. I am sad for there is much to do and the response is lacking. I am determined to make one last push in my ministry, possibly the second last phase of my life (the final phase is my dream job in a longed for destination - secret for now) dawning upon me as I enter my Jubilee's Year. Malaysia is celebrating its Jubilee on 16th September 2013 and Singapore in 2 years' time, S50!

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