Tuesday, April 7, 2015

April Assignments

After preaching 9 times in past 11 days, my April assignments have just begun. Starting tomorrow, I shall be preaching more regularly than before. On the Colossians series, I will conclude chapter 1 with Paul's commission to make the Word of God fully known. Then the usual Sunday services, but we are now in the Holy month, Passover month when traditionally we have revival meetings or Iraus. This coincides with the ongoing harvesting of padi (rice) for indeed the fields are white (yellow) for harvest and the reapers are ready to reap.
So after preaching twice on 19th April, I will speaking on 24th April, a combined cell group which coincidentally falls on my 33rd birthday in the Lord. After that a series of invitations beginning with the Ranau district level irau on 25th April, and then the Youth District level meeting on 26th April which is a Sunday afternoon meeting. Then I am heading down to KK at the end of month where I shall be one of main speakers in the State level Men's Conference with my President and also the President of SIB Semenanjung (West Malaysia) being the other two speakers. My last session is on 2nd May after which I will have to head back to Ranau to lead a leader's retreat on the 3rd to 4th May. May the Lord inspire me with all His energy to do His work and to make his Word fully known.

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