Thursday, April 23, 2015

Solitude & Service

In the midst of busyness, it is so important to have time for solitude. For one cannot operate on a high all the time, in the midst of noise and crowds. Tonight is the only time in the week that I can spend time in solitude. Tomorrow is the end of the month combined cell group, the 4th of the year and it reminds me how quick time had passed and how little I had accomplished thus far. It is an auspicious day for me as well. On Saturday I will preach at the District level meeting and the venue is the biggest church in Ranau that can sit about 800 people. We don't expect the afternoon meeting to be full but I expect at least 500 to turn up. On Sunday I will preach in the 2nd morning service and then at 2pm at the Youth District meeting and I expect at least 200 youths will turn up in our little church.
Then on Monday I will chair a leader's meeting in preparation for our leaders retreat on 3rd May straight after the Men's Conference in KK from 30th April. Last night I spent about 16 minutes explaining the last verse in Colossians 1 where Paul says that he strives and struggles with the might of God's energy that works powerfully in him. I can attest to that seeing that my bodily constitution is weak and without Christ's strength I could do nothing. After 3 solid hours of lectures on Jeremiah and Ezekiel today, I got home at 12.30pm and while waiting for my wife to prepare lunch I fell asleep on the couch, the first time I did that for as long as I can remember. Jesus fell asleep on the boat crossing the lake of Galilee as he was tired from all the ministry. Lord, grant your strength to your servant.

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