Thursday, April 16, 2015

Everything Expensive

Almost everything costs more in Sabah post-GST. The poor suffers the most. I am now entitled to BR1M (govt handout) but I did not apply for it because I strongly disagree with the policy. It is bad for the poor because it engenders dependence on handouts and I suppose the majority spend it quickly and on non-essentials. It is better to spend RM5 billion in upgrading skills of young men and women, especially English proficiency so that they are more employable and socially more confident when they can speak English well. The other day I bought some candles and they cost more with 6%GST. If the government provides reliable supply of electricity I did not have to buy candles in the first place. Thrice there were blackouts last week in Ranau. My coffee in KFC costs more. I am writing this post at KFC and tonight I will skip coffee as it costs RM3.70 per cup. I heard from my friends who had gone down to KK and the chicken rice now costs RM9.00.
But the wages are depressed. Average per capita is reaching US12,000 per year in the country but in Sabah it is half of that. A few months ago a major newspaper reported more than half of KK income earners get less than RM2,000.00 per month. How can one with a family survive on that in the city? By God's blessings, I am getting on pretty well. God knows the needs of his servants. Every month I receive gifts from unknown and unexpected sources. Sometimes it is from preaching invitations for those who preach the Gospel live by the Gospel, but on several occasions strangers came up to me and blessed me. No wonder Paul could exult that it was his God who supplied the needs of the Philippians though it was the church that made regular contributions to Paul. Lord, I am content with little I have for better little with righteousness than the plenty of the wicked,

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