Monday, April 20, 2015

He who waters himself waters Others

I have a plant outside my front door. My wife asks me to water it everyday. If I miss watering it for one day, its leaves wither and in a couple of days the plant may die outright in the scorching heat of Ranau. That plant is our life in God. Unless we water ourselves daily our spiritual lives are in danger of withering and dying. No wonder Jesus cursed the fig tree; it had only leaves, outwardly it is alive but inwardly it is dead for it has not borne fruits. Is our life fruitful? Or are we filled with leaves, running to and fro (Dan 12:4), looking busy but there is no apparent fruit, no real spiritual vitality. Perhaps we have neglected the most basic part of our Christian life. Our life in God, our life in Christ, our life in the Spirit needs watering daily.
Watering from the well of God's Word for His word is spirit and life. Watering from the wellsprings of the Holy Spirit for without the Spirit, there is no life. Besides daily quite time, church services are ways in which God waters our souls. Yesterday during the first service, I saw a vision of God's sanctuary. I saw how unworthy I was, clothed with filthy rags but yet when God dresses his children He gives them the best robe, coloured robe like what Jacob gave to Joseph; like what the Father gave to his prodigal son. I saw the eternal beauty of God's sanctuary though our earthly sanctuary is a little shop lot in the midst of nowhere. But the most High God is present in all his majesty reigning on high, reigning in hearts on fire for him. He leads his people beside still waters, he restores our souls even as we meditate on His law day and night we shall be a tree planted by the riverside, drawing water from the rivers of God, the mighty streams of His Spirit flowing through the Temple of God, the temple of our hearts, making us alive and in and through us, water others and quicken them to live before God and Christ.

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