Monday, April 13, 2015

Recent Research on Revelation

In a crowded field of scholarship, I am delighted to see my name mentioned along with 40 or more scholars by Russell Morton's Recent Research on Revelation (Sheffield Phoenix, 2014; see here). If I were earning Singapore dollars I would have no hesitation to order the book for my library. The last book I ordered was last August when I was in Singapore, also on Revelation by C. Koester (Anchor Yale, 2014) and according to google scholar my book was cited 4 or 5 times in Koester's 940 page-long commentary (in fact it was cited 7 times!). I was invited by Asian Theological Commentary series to write a commentary on Revelation and I am still sitting on the invitation for the past month, not knowing whether I could find time to write. My Monday rest is take up with catching up on sleep. I wished I had a 2-day weekend.
Today while having lunch I received a call to visit a family in hospital grieving over their father's sudden demise. So I went and while in hospital I met up with 3 other church members and prayed for them. Yesterday I got up especially early as I preached in the first service on Jesus' call of his first disciples. I preached a 45-50 min sermon to a crowd of 250 people and one of the women's leaders told me that they could actually fit 300 chairs in this 1,100 sq ft unit. If we wanted growth we need to find a double shop unit as soon as possible but finances are again a barrier as whatever we have in surplus is put aside for the church building. Personally I rather rent and find a bigger space for the Lord is not fixed in one place or dwell in building but in the hearts of those who seek him and worship him in spirit and in truth. And the harvest is plentiful but the space is limited.

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