Monday, April 27, 2015

Leadership is not Everything but is Vital

Leadership is not everything but is critical to the success of any venture or plan. Whether in business, education or church, all things run well when the leadership inspires and has the ability to put things into action. As an invited speaker to two major meets in the District of 23 churches I was expecting more from these meetings. But I was just the speaker and not the organizing committee and there is only as much I could do to promote the events. In fact, I only asked my church to pray for me once in the Tuesday prayer meeting and once on Sunday. I am glad as pastor, at least my own church is humming along though there is much to be done. The only event I organised was a roaring success, by the grace of God, when 70 students turned up in our Conference room last month.  Leaders are visionaries, planners, organisers and implementers. And above all, spiritual leaders are prayer warriors because there are forces in the heavenly that are arrayed against the purposes of God and God's work can only be done God's way, namely by much prayers and seeking after the face of God.
No event will succeed unless every detail is deliberately carefully and implemented accordingly. Promotion of an event is key. Getting the right and committed people on the team is a job half done. When I organised the students' meet I got my youths all excited to play their part. Four girls took the whole evening to get the room ready and the banner up. Another few with their cars transported the students to and fro the hostels. Another group brought their mothers along and cooked throughout the night so that we did not have to cater outside and be a burden to church funds. At the end we spent RM300.00 to feed almost 100 people because many had contributed out of their own funds. When leadership is lacking, the event draws a small crowd and achieved little though much noise, aimless activity and running here and there took place without much purpose and direction. Pity the preacher who spends 15 hours in sermon preparation and many more hours in waiting on the Lord but the returns are meagre.


  1. You have such an insightful blog. Thanks for sharing. Reading blogs, especially self-help and leadership blogs, is my hobby and I randomly found your blog and we both share common interest. Connect with me, if you like, and let us explore our common interest. I enjoyed reading your posts. Interesting! All the best for your future blogging journey.

    1. Hi Sridhar, thanks for your kind words and well wishes for my blog. We can certainly connect either through our blogs or emails. Look forward to your comments and feedback.

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