Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Bank Balance

Two days ago my close friend whom I have lunch almost once a week or fortnight told me why don't I find something to do so that my bank balance does not drop. Even those closest to you could be a hindrance as Peter was rebuked by Jesus for telling him not to go the way of the cross. The vast majority of people including Christians think that ministry is being employed in a church or a Seminary. In fact, I preached a sermon on how prophets made their living on the basis of the book of Amos. You won't find too many prophets employed by the royal court or other institutions. In fact, many of those employed by kings and princes were false prophets because they had to speak what their masters told them or at least they dare not offend their pay-masters.

I felt such a sense of relief nowadays, though even when I was employed I spoke my mind often and never felt I needed to betray my calling so that I could stay employed. When I was first called by God at the age of 18 years old, I knew my life would be a life of faith. Departing from one place to another, one ministry to another but always serving God whether in man's employment or otherwise. I have a time of my life now that I am free from human engagement. I write my book and soon I may start another book which means I shall be writing two books at the same time. I wrote three books in 2019, though the first 9 chapters of Departure Points were written in October 2014 and it took five years for the book to see the light of day. Even my publishers in KK were surprised how well my book sold in their bookstore last year given the pandemic. Most books sold a few copies and many remain unsold but mine sold 30 copies in the bookshop alone in 2021. My bank balance is in God's hands. It is better to trust the Lord rather than princes and rulers. Why should we fear man whose breath is here one day and tomorrow he is gone? 

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