Wednesday, June 22, 2022

The Struggle for Truth & Justice

The struggle in the Church for truth and justice is never greater. Especially so since the pandemic struck and many churches are still slow in welcoming members back to church, vaccinated or unvaccinated. I have a feeling that a majority of vaccinated did not welcome the government's relaxation of SOPs almost two months ago. In fact, the Malaysian government announced in early April 2022 that unvaccinated could return to work with the vaccinated and there would be no restrictions whatsoever. Pastors and church leaders who claim to serve a living God are slow to respond as many unvaccinated pastors are still out of a job and are not welcome in some places. It is a struggle between light and darkness.

A battle between David and Goliath. A Goliath with the armour of flesh and of man versus David who put his faith in the name of the living God, the Lord of hosts. Last Sunday I was honoured in a church where most leaders were equipped during my time as District Superintendent some 15-17 years ago. One elder asked how old I was. He was surprised to hear my age but time passes so quickly and soon I will be hitting my 6th decade of living on this earth. But my fight for truth and justice is far from over. One senior pastor and good friend had left the Church and he is now serving on his own and seeking another church's covering. In fact, one elder who helped sell my books praised me for my patience and perseverance. I had kept a low profile. I had not intended to do what some were tempted to do, but like Elijah of old, disappeared for a couple of years and reappeared when God commanded him. I am in no hurry to preach or return to gainful employment. Those who read my blog over the years know that I have always felt employed by God and it is enough for me. God has called me. Novak Djokovic did not play for 6 months and although he won a minor tournament in Rome he lost in the French Open against his main rival, Nadal. I had not preached for 7 months (Oct 21 to April 2022), but when I preached again last month in Ranau, everyone who was in the church knew that they heard as if the oracles of God. I felt more anointed than ever. God granted me visions of Himself just before I ascended to the pulpit. He filled me afresh with His Holy Spirit. How many church leaders, Bishops and Presidents included could claim that? 

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