Thursday, June 23, 2022

The Making of Books

No wonder Solomon said that making of books could be a weariness of the flesh (Eccle 12). The final week of making a book is always the toughest because one has to read the final drafts and prints. My printers had been very helpful and over the past 6 days, they printed three different copies for me until I was fully satisfied with it. Considering the budget that I have, I could do what I could do without hiring proof-readers and cover designers. I did everything myself this time until the 40th draft. Everything has to be as perfect as possible from the margins, the font size, the cover design, the front page, the preface and last but not least the back cover.

This time around, the back cover is as simple as it can get. Just a short synopsis of the book and a few biographical details of the author. Now it is out of my hands, and the printers promised that the first copies could be out this weekend. I told them not to rush it but ensure good quality. I may get 20 or 30 copies by Saturday and hopefully everything will be in good order. After this, I plan to continue writing my Galatians commentary which I have commentated up to the beginning of ch. 3. If not for the 2 weeks of sermon preparation, I could have written half the chapter by now. But there is a time for everything. I know that without God's anointing, everything will be in vain and chasing after the wind. The Gospel of John's commentary has blessed many in the Malay-speaking churches, and I will save some for my future trip to Sarawak and Kalimantan, as the Lord leads. 

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