Friday, July 3, 2015

Composing Spiritual Songs

I have given myself 3 sessions out of 5 for tomorrow's Praise and Worship seminar. I have no gift in song leading but as a worshipper of the Lord I have observed how worship is conducted for good or bad for more than 33 years. But I am looking forward to giving a session on composing spiritual songs. I will probably sing a couple of songs I composed in the Lord and how music and songs play a huge part in my Christian growth.  Until now, sometimes like Elisha I needed the music of the harpist to wait on the Lord and hear his voice (2 Kings 3).
When I was in Ranau for a scouting trip last November I was deeply moved by a spiritual song I heard at the College's graduation dinner so much so I got up at 3am and played what I recorded and sang before the Lord with my whole heart. I hope to inspire song writers to produce albums and per chance find one or two singers who could sing my songs in the Lord's temple for his glory and pleasure.

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