Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sunday Night in Ranau

Lord I thank Thee for hearing me for you never forsake the righteous and those for trust in you. My 36 hours ended without much fanfare except a joyful spirit and a wearied body. I think for a 50plus person to rush here and there (lari sini sana) is no longer sustainable and not good for health. I needed time to settle myself in the midst of teaching 6 candidates for baptism. We practise adult baptism only for those 12 years and above. I had one who was only 11 and on occasions we made an exception for that. I was surprised that all except one knew anything about the Bible, even creation and the fall were unknown to them.
And worse these are our SIB children and teenagers. It seems many families just no longer teach their children the Word of God. Further, some families don't even send their kids to Sunday school. Though on the last count I can say it is not entirely their fault as the sunday school ministry meet in the backalley of our shoplot unit. Some parents understandably would be reluctant to send their kids to be taught in that kind of environment. I spoke to an elder about it and help is near and we heard that another shop unit nearby is available for rent. 

I preached in the first service for about 33 minutes. I made sure that it did not go on too long as last week we ended almost at 10am but today it was nice to finish at 9.30am sharp from 8am start. The songs chosen were brilliant and two or three of our song leaders have angelic voices and I felt the Lord's love poured afresh into my heart by the Holy Ghost. Only You one Individual who knows what is in my goes my translation from the Malay version. Malay is a simple but yet a powerful and profound language. Though on occasions I needed to find words in English not because Malay is insufficient for what I wanted to express but because of my own limitations in the language. I thank You Lord I could speak Malay the way I could, in preaching since I don't really read Malay unless I needed to for ministry. Besides ministry, all my thinking, reading and writing are in English. 

I have a busy couple of weeks coming up. Preaching on Wednesday, twice on Sunday, a church council meeting Sunday afternoon followed by trip to Kudat for weekend ministry with my fellow pastors. The women's fellowship chair had just asked me to speak in their fortnightly meeting in 2 weeks' time. So after 3 hours' drive from Kudat to Ranau in the late afternoon I hope to catch a short nap before speaking in the women's group. That Sunday night will be the end of my Jubilee in the Lord.

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