Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Mourning for Malaysia (Prov 29:4)

On Sunday and during last night's prayer meeting, I led prayers for truth and justice to prevail in the nation. Lord, I mourn for the sins of its leaders. As I waited on the Lord, the word that came forth to me (the LXX helps), "A righteous king raises up a country, but a lawless man undermines it" (Prov 29:4) (Septuagint, New English Translation, Oxford). In Hebrew, the second line goes to say that "a king who receives/exacts gifts overthrows/ruins it" (KJV/ESV Prov 29:4). The Ringgit has fallen to 2.82 to the Sing dollar and 3.81 to the USD worse than the time of economic recession in 1998.
In the Men's Conference two months ago, I spoke on the political issues of the nation and I listed 7 or 8 incidents or developments since the Lahad Datu's intrusion by foreign elements in Feb 2013 that would be of grave concern to any civic-minded citizens. I returned to Malaysia not because it was doing well, but on the contrary. When there are crises there will be opportunities. When there are troubles, the strong thrives and do great exploits for the Lord. These are troublous times.

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