Saturday, July 11, 2015

Saturday in Ranau

Despite mounting challenges without and within, I had a sense of peace as I cruised along the beaten paths of Ranau township this morning. Mount Kinabalu is still standing tall at the background though shorn of its former glory after the earthquake. I had this serene feeling in my heart as I looked around the town with people going about their business, some selling their wares in the Saturday market (tamu), some on the pathways, not a few peddling from shop to shop carrying their goods and produce. Saturday morning is the only time I can somewhat relax before the busyness of the weekend sets in.
By Monday, often I feel so wearied that it is a complete rest day (catching up on sleep). So Saturday morning is my favourite time of the week. I could relax, get up a bit later though we still keep half day at office. Often times I will enjoy a lengthy solitary breakfast with the Bible in one hand and newspapers on the other. Was it Karl Barth, the famous German theologian who said a pastor must know his Bible well and keep up to date with news of the day. But breakfast cost RM7.20 this morning, slightly more expensive than usual, not surprising considering the impact of GST and the fall of the Ringgit.

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