Saturday, September 19, 2015

Accumulation of Stuff

History sometimes repeats itself. I have accumulated various things in my six years in Singapore. When I had to leave, half my things I had to give away or throw away. Now in my 9th month in Ranau, I fear I am beginning to accumulate stuff again. After six months I bought a microwave. I have a bigger one in KK. I have several kettles in KK but I bought another small kettle the other day for the purpose. Sometimes when my wife goes back to KK, I only need to boil water for one person. Now I have two sets of almost everything. Ironically I am not sure how long I will be staying in Ranau. I can't say the thought of moving back to KK or Singapore has not crossed my mind. What about my things in Ranau?
I will cross the bridge when I reach it. The pastor house has a good mattress in one room and the other room is not so well furnished. So today I bought a queen size mattress just in case my son returns to Malaysia and visits me in Ranau. My Singaporean friend may be paying me a visit soon. At least I could offer them to stay in my flat with reasonable amenities. I don't expect them to suffer inconveniences even for one or two nights. I live in a different world and part of my ministry among the Dusuns is to live humbly and in poverty among the people. I can't say I am truly poor though perhaps poor in spirit and prepared to give up many creaturely comforts of a modern urban society. No wonder Ezekiel is my favourite prophet for he is known as a refugee prophet, moving from one place to another, sometimes not physically but in the Spirit, he was caught up from Babylon to Jerusalem to see visions of the Jerusalem's temple, old and new.

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