Sunday, September 20, 2015

Ministry within Ministry

During the All Night Prayer meeting, we had 6 sessions of one hour long prayer with 3 breaks in between. Together with dinner and breakfast we had had 5 breaks during which time I rested not but fielded questions from eager secondary students. I only rested during one break at 3am when I felt hungry and a kindly elder took me aside into the church kitchen and we enjoyed some leftover porridge from midnight. The students were interested to know about the nature of God, Trinity and the origins of the Bible. It was deep deep theological stuff. I am not sure whether I was up to it but was certainly encouraged by their questions and desire for knowledge. For me, it was all too wearisome as I had just preached and had to lead 3 of the 6 sessions of prayers. No wonder I had taken a whole week off though after 3 days away from my church I am already itching to get back. Today was a test of sorts, whether I still feel attachment to my homechurch in KK or Ranau church has captured my heart and imagination. In fact, I just received a message from an elder this afternoon that the landlord next door refused to budge as far as rental is concerned. We have to meet again on Sunday and see whether we want to go ahead. More prayers are needed to seek God's counsel in this matter. Interestingly when I look at the numbers, we are already touching 400 adults in 2 services but today in KK at most we had about 350 people.

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