Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Praying All Night

First time in my life I stayed up all night till morning came. I was struggling with sleepiness by 4.30am and the last 2 hours of an endurance test trying not to doze off and kept praying. I am glad at the end of the all night prayer meeting more than 200 had stayed up and reached the finish line. We stopped praying at 6.40am followed by breakfast. It was a joy to see the darkness of the night giving way to the light of morn. With barely 2 weeks in organizing this prayer meet it was good to have 350 people present during the opening service. We probably reached 400 at midnight and the numbers began to go down from 2am. As I was the organizing chairman, I did not have time to rest yesterday afternoon as most people would do for an all nighter. So I lasted 27 hours without sleep. Only the Lord's grace enabled me to do what I did in the 36 hours. We had six 1 hour prayer session beginning at 10pm straightafter my 45 min sermon. Aa I was trying to conserve energy I did not overstretch myself but on occasions I felt the Lord's anointing strong. It was good to see so many youths attending. I am mighty glad that my secondary students responded to their pastor's call to prayer. I encouraged them on Sunday to bring friends and there must be at least 150 students out of the 350 in attendance. The glory of the young people is their strength. Until early in the morning I could hear them sing lustily with joy unto the Lord.

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