Friday, September 11, 2015

Polling Day in Singapore

I can't wait until 10pm when preliminary results will be telecast live. I hope Astro Awani (501) brings the Singapore's GE results live. I have the most basic TV package (Njoi) without Channel News Asia (my favourite channel in Singapore) and other live feeds. I thought since I am out most nights anyway and come back exhausted there is not much time for TV. But tonight will be a different story. I remember well in the 2011's GE, the returning officer was the star of the night with his straight-faced and dead-panned manner as he announced the results one by one as they came in. I wonder why in such a modern IT society like Singapore, all results are still not known by 2am or 3am the next morning.
I think perhaps if rules could be tweaked a little, closing polling time a little earlier, say 6pm (since it is a declared public holiday anyway) to allow for earlier tabulation of votes so that all polling results could be in by mid-night or latest 1am. The State of Sabah, being 100 times larger than Singapore, could have all its 60 constituencies' polling results in by midnight in most past Elections. That's impressive! After tonight's Friday cell group, I am staying up late tonight to see whether WP and SDP could make any inroads to PAP's dominance. Exciting time for Singaporeans and if opposition could win 15 seats or another GRC this time round, we will see fireworks in 2020 for sure.

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