Thursday, September 17, 2015

All Night Prayer on Malaysia Day

It's now 36 hours since we concluded our All Night Prayer Meeting. Those who heeded my call to prayer came. About 100 secondary students from my church came. The hosting church took 9 trips to fetch the students from their hostels. Without them, I would think the prayer meet would be less exciting. It is exciting to see young people focused on prayer. They stayed up whole night until the end. Their voices rose to the heavens and the Lord heard our cries from unfeigned lips. There were a few notable firsts.
The District Superintendent (DS) mentioned that it was the first time in 15 years the hosting church organized an all night prayer meeting. It was also the first time the two Ranau churches came together for an event like this. Unity among SIB churches was forged by praying together. The DS and his deputy were present. (Photo, DS and I shared a photo with the first group of studebts who came at 6.20pm). The ANP started as the two senior pastors, the joint organizers of the event together with the DS opened a scroll with the ANP poster on it. I did not want speeches and protocol as usually happened in some meetings. The organizing secretary gave a short welcoming address and the service started in earnest. By midnight, my praise and worship team led an 20 min worship before the 2nd session of prayer commenced for Sabah and Malaysia.  It was powerful and God's presence was felt strong. Though the prayers were fluent, it was also calm, each individual and small groups praying for various things. Photo: Seminary students leading worship at 1am, 3rd session of ANP.

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