Sunday, September 20, 2015

First Sunday Away

I worshipped in my homechurch in KK today. It is my first Sunday away from my Ranau church. I felt a bit distance from everything. I needed time and space for rest and reflection after the intensity of ministry since the June earthquake. I needed breathing space to regather my thoughts for battles ahead. Even cars no matter how good and modern cannot run forever. Sooner or later it has to stop for fuel. After 6 months it needs to go for servicing, change of motor oil and filter. It is the same in ministry. Even Jesus took breaks and retreated from the crowds. I felt distance today in church. Many of my good friends have left. Those who remain no longer hold positions of authority. Only less than a year ago, things could have turned out very different for my homechurch in KK. Sometimes we wonder whether it is God's will or sovereignty but often it is human failings and indecisive leadership is a cause of many problems. I faced a great struggle just a week before the All night prayer. It was almost cancelled last minute because of some hindrances were put along the way. But I confronted the situation and did not give an inch. I told my leaders if we cant unite in prayers we can't do much else. Only one Sunday ago I preached about unity in prayers and leadership. Thank God a vast majority of leaders came alongside and we proceeded. But I had to give strong leadership. If I had given in one step, the prayer meet might have still gone on but it would be difficult to get the numbers beyond 150. It was a test of faith and a test of leadership. I might not be able to get everyone on board but if 80% rides on it is good enough. I also learned that often one can't please everyone but if a strong majority is on one's side, one can proceed. Paul says of his ministry in Corinth that despite a wide door is open there was much opposition. We did not know how Paul dealt with the opposition but we knew he pressed on and the Corinthian church became one of Paul's pillar churches in the ancient world.

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