Saturday, February 26, 2022

Do we need a Plan B?

The world is not going to get better before it gets worse. If Nato responds to Russian invasion of Ukraine then you will have almost 50 countries in the world in armed conflict fulfilling the early signs of Jesus' coming in Rev 6 that wars will happen in a quarter of the earth. Do we need a plan B if we are caught in a war? A nuclear detonation will impact everything within a 20 mile radius, so to be safe one needs to have a hiding place at least 20 or 30 miles away from capital cities which could be targets of any attack. I got chills in my spine and my hands when I listened to an American Professor lecturing about the Ukraine's crisis which was given more than 6 years ago.

Chilling because the accuracy of his warnings and predictions that Russia will never allow Ukraine to follow the West, let alone the possibility of joining Nato and he repeatedly said that Russia would wreck Ukraine which we are seeing before our eyes. More chilling in his other lectures that he warned smaller nations not to get entangled with big powers' geopolitics of national security. He named three flash points in East Asia including South China Seas which I could see literally from my house and we have a seaport that houses Malaysia's submarines just a few kms from where I pastored my last church. What is my plan B? Perhaps I should think of finding a get-away as far as possible from Kota Kinabalu. I have mentioned a few times in Singapore in my preaching that it is best not to buy apartments above the 10th floor because one would feel the impact of earthquake much more as we saw just a couple of days ago in West Malaysia as well. That was just a 6.2 tremor. Imagine one above 8 Richter Scale. I am praying for a Plan B, go as far as possible from the world's hotspots of conflicts, stay in a country that is neutral that won't take side in big powers' struggle for hegemony or supremacy. End-time is approaching when no one can work. I came across a photo of me walking into one of most remotest villages in Sabah after 90 minutes on foot from another village and after driving 6 hours from KK and ending my day or night at twelve midnight after ascending to the pulpit past 11pm. It was on my 32nd birthday. Can I do it now? No way for the glory of young men is their strength and old men gray hairs. 

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