Saturday, February 5, 2022

My brothers, the Pastors

Today I joined the pastors' fellowship of about 15 pastors in my pastor-friend's new offices and church. After some small talk, I realised that I was the oldest person in the room, one year older than the senior pastor of my home-church in KK. Before the new SOPs came to force last September, I was one of the main movers of the group, always encouraging pastors to meet for prayers and fellowship. I realised that I missed the last two or three meetings and my brother-pastors were glad to see me after more than half a year. As a matter of fact, I am on "leave" or "cuti panjang". We had a 40-min breakfast fellowship from 9.30am before starting our meeting proper with worship and sharing of God's Word from the pastor hosting us. Then, each church was given a chance to share prayer items and although I was without a church, the song leader or MC invited me to share as I guess many of the pastors were keen to hear what's been up with me.

So I started my 10-min sharing by thanking my brother-pastors (there were two female pastors in attendance as well) and explained that I would be waiting for the SOP relaxation before applying for a new posting or appointment in ministry. I explained why I chose not to be vaccinated at this stage. I encouraged the pastors not to forget those who were not vaccinated and also offered some advice on how to minister this group of church members. I assured my fellow pastors that I would be staying put in Kota Kinabalu and will be in all readiness to serve in whatever capacity. I mentioned that my name was still listed at the College as a guest lecturer. I would do whatever little I could do if called upon and my fellow pastors seemed to be reassured with my short sharing. At 12.30pm we broke for lunch, and by 1.15pm we all took leave of the hosting pastor and we went our separate ways. I came in another pastor's car and on the way back home we continued to discuss a few things regarding our Church/denomination. I am delighted that the younger pastors appeared very much open to me, and although I have no position and no church, they seemed to hold me in high regard. None in the KK's pastor fellowship is a former student. I concluded my 10-min sharing with a "joke" that now that I am free on a Sunday, but my fellow pastors have to work. That drew some laughter. In fact, a few could not join for lunch as they had to leave for their ministry or other appointments in their pastoral work. 

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