Wednesday, February 2, 2022

""He who is united to the Lord is one spirit with Him" (02022022).

Today's date is simply beautiful. The second day in the second month of the twenty-second year of the twenty-first century AD. Two is the number of unity. But today I want to write about the most precious thing to the Lord, that is our fellowship and communion with Him. He who is united with the Lord is one spirit with Him. Have we felt such unity with the Lord? Have we felt such closeness to the Lord? In fact, beyond our all activities and church services, face to face or online, the most precious thing to the Lord is our unity with Him. Unity with Him means unity with the rest of His body since Christ Jesus is the head of the Church. No wonder, Paul the apostle said that those who destroy the church of God, God will destroy. If we make imposition in whatever form, imposition that Christ has not imposed on the church, then are we not destroying the Church?

In the first century AD, Paul and his mission faced an incredible challenge in many places. In the churches of Galatia, the so-called Christian leaders were imposing circumcision as a condition of fellowship or sharing a meal during the assembly which normally meant partaking of the Lord's meal, the holy communion. Paul fought hard not just in the Galatian churches, but also in Corinth that no such imposition should be made of believers from the Gentile nations to be circumcised. It took a mighty debate recorded in Acts 15 how Paul, Barnabas and also Peter supported the uncircumcised believers for full membership and fellowship without being circumcised. Now, the imposition of vaccination as a condition of entry for worship or fellowship of the saints gathered for worship. It is not as simple as saying the unvaccinated could stay at home and watch services online. This is segregation or division which the Lord hates as his body is one, and all his members are equal in His sight; His beloved children whether they are vaccinated or not. For 18 months before the vaccination requirements came to force, who protected the church? The vaccinated and unvaccinated sat together for months without problems. For 16 months, the Lord protected the Church from Covid-19 and none was infected during the church opening from March 2020 to June 2021. For 18 months, I had visited homes and conducted wakes at the risk of Covid-19 infection, but by God's grace remained healthy and am still healthy, why have I suddenly become a liability since for 18 months, many people were blessed and voted with their feet and packed the church hall I pastored without the fear of Covid-19? Why are we now imposing such conditions to separate brothers from one another, pastors from pastors and elders from elders. Is the body of Christ divided? Why the condition that only those vaccinated can serve as leaders? That is totally contrary to God's will!! Read Acts. The most important qualification for leadership is being filled with the Holy Spirit, not some exterior chemicals injected into our bodies. Those who are saved from God's wrath at the End-time and are protected from various plagues and pestilences (Rev 9) are those who are sealed with the seal of the living God (Rev 7) and not by vaccines or medicines. Where is our faith? Why have we not sought the Lord? No wonder Isaiah says, "if they don't speak such a word, it is because there is no light in them." Behold, leaders have become blind and darkness has covered their eyes and hearts and they are turning away from the Lord.

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