Saturday, February 19, 2022

Writing & Books

I am well aware of the Solomonic saying that we should beware of making too many books (Eccles). The world is full of books. If one reads English, there is an over abundant supply of books for every conceivable title and topic. But if you live within the Malay-speaking world, the habit of reading is still very much in its infancy and there are simply not enough quality books in the Malay language. More so, in the Malay-speaking and reading churches that I belong to since 1989, one can count with two hands all the theological Malay books published in the last two or three decades.In fact, to the best of my knowledge by God's grace, I am the first author who wrote a commentary on John's Gospel (1-12) in Malay and for that, I could see a hunger and thirst for knowledge and reading of theological materials in Malay. But it was only yesterday at the confluence of events with numerous texts and emails about my books that I realised for the first time that perhaps I could make writing a full-time career (ministry). I don't foresee working for anyone else. If I were appointed to pastor a church, the leadership of the church needs to cede chairmanship to me on the spot as my first two churches did (2003, 2015). I also don't see myself returning to the Bible College even if offered the Principalship, though it is offered concretely, I will pray and surely consider what God wants me to do. So for now and in the next 18 months to two years, I might be content with writing and editing my completed volume. I was given an impetus yesterday to complete the revision of A Woman in Love as news from my publishers that the sale of my memoirs, Departure Points saw a four-fold increase in the past 6 months. You can buy a copy for RM40.00 from Borneo Bookshop, Wisma Merdeka, Kota Kinabalu and please check the website for online purchases ( So today I spent a solid full-day (8 hours) in revising for one last time my concise commentary on the Song of Solomon. I am up to page 50 now from page 1 this morning, so I would imagine I can get it done by early next week. Further, I received many requests to write the volume 2 of my commentary on John's Gospel (13-21) and also the book of Revelation. I may just write both at the same time since these two books are from the same author, John the apostle. Lord, only if Your Spirit of truth guide and lead me into all truth!

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