Wednesday, February 15, 2023

1,200 books Sold

Yesterday, for the first time I could not supply what my buyers demanded, my commentary on the Paul's letter to the Galatians. I had to reserve a few copies for sale in my forthcoming speaking engagements. SO I only sent 5 copies to Sarawak instead of 10 that they requested. Then, I did a quick inventory on the number of books sold. I realised I had sold more than 1,000 books in three years, probably closer to 1,200 books altogether. Leading the list is my Malay commentary on John's Gospel with 700 sold (perhaps 600 sold and 100 given away to church members and pastors who could not afford to pay for them). Second, is Departure Points just over 200 copies sold and my publishers told me that my book is one the few books still getting sales in his bookstore. So many other books could be left on the bookshelves for years without a single buyer.

Third, is my Galatians' commentary in Malay which I had left about 15 copies of the first printing with a few typos which I am selling with a discount. I have never promoted my Song of Songs except in the two churches I pastored because my readers would have known me as pastor and I conducted a Seminar for youths and teenagers in April 2021 on "Love, Romance and Marriage" based on my "Woman in Love". Yes, I did sell one copy to a visiting doctor in Sandakan on New Year's Day. If I count my Revelation's monograph sold by my publishers in London and New York (amazon lists my book at one USD220.00 per copy) and it is into its second printing with a new cover, so I think it may have reached at least 500 copies or more worldwide. At least 10 of my Singaporean students ordered the book directly from Amazon when it was less expensive. All in all, my 5 books could have sold close to 2,000 copies. But it is nowhere near a best seller. I had many requests to write a commentary on Revelation, but only God will tell me when to write and comment on this end-time biblical book. As I am occupied with preaching until Resurrection Sunday (9th April Sunday) I do not see myself beginning a new book until at least mid-April. By then, God might call me into some form of ministry other than what I am occupied now. Yes, Lord here am I. Send me!

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