Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Epic Journey

This was not the longest journey that I undertook as it is only 200 kms from KK to Lawas. But it was epic as the road conditions were really bad on the Sabah's side. There was much road works and repairs going on every where but markings and signage were poor. For both journeys to and fro, it was bright day light but yet we lost our way several times because there were no signage for old and new roads and we missed several turns into roads closed but then had to go back into the right lane. Many a time we did not know whether we were heading the right way back to Kota Kinabalu.

When I thought about this, it dawns on me that many Christians live their lives not knowing where they are going. They are content with going to church occasionally and when asked they may even answer we watch online services, but they are not serious about fellowshipping with God and with fellow believers. They do what the world does and the workd does not hate them. Their orientation is with priorities of the wolrd and not the interests of Jesus Christ. So they can along with the mass of humanity and it is this mass of sinful humanity that God judges in the days of Noah and the days of the coming of the Son of Man. How many Christians live their lives oriented to the purposes of God? What is uppermost in their minds is how best to serve God and advance the kingdom of God on earth. They pay the price of obedience as they offer up their lives as sacrificial offerings. These are those who please God for they believe that He truly exists and thqt He will reward them who seek Him earnestly. 

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