Thursday, February 16, 2023

The Footprints of the Righteous

There has been intense speculation. It's been a fortnight since news came concerning recent happenings at former College and there has been non-stop texts and messages, either sent to me or conversations among other groups about the possibility of my return and appointment. But I refused to comment or talk about anything, except what I know to be hard cold facts. There is a need for a cool head and this is the time. Since I am out of the loop for such a long time, I did not want to add fuel to fire or comment without factual basis. I often replied by saying that we should leave everything in the Lord's hands. Yet, I am astounded and somewhat encouraged that people are still talking about my ministry, here and there. My good friend told me that, "you are a high profile person". But as for me, "I am a worm in Jacob". But when I think of it, no wonder in less than an hour of my appearance at our AGM last November after four years of non-meeting with delegates, I was nominated for the top post, not by one District as was before but by two Districts. I then realised that whatever influence that I had had was due to the footprints of the righteous.

By that I mean, it is due to the savour of the knowledge of salvation which I bring every where I go into all corners of Sabah. I have ministered in more than 120 villages, preached thousands of sermons and prayed for thousands in my ministry. It is the footprint of the righteous. Every where one goes, one brings life because the rivers of life live in us, the even flowing streams of the Holy Spirit. I claim nothing for myself or of myself, for my adequacy is of God who made me competent minister of the new covenant which gives life. And my footprints will become even larger as I minister in God's power and strength for "the righteous will be remembered forever" (Psalm 112:6).

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