Thursday, June 26, 2014

After the Storms

Things are becoming calm after the various storms that blew my way. I plucked up courage this morning and put to an end negotiations of a possible ministry position in Singapore. I am glad that as least for some of the elders and deacons I have retained their good-will. Singapore is a small place and it is important to live in peace with everyone, especially fellow Christian leaders. I have preached in about 40 churches in Singapore and most of which I would think still accord me honour and respect. Lord I have come to serve and not to be served.
A number of pastors have called me and extended their well-wishes. And tomorrow I am meeting two of them for lunch. Second, as I am departing from my current employers, I am extremely thankful that I am leaving with a deep reservoir of goodwill and I have gained favour by the grace of God of a vast majority of my colleagues. One colleague came to my office two nights ago and we chatted for 30 minutes in the midst of my mounting boxes of books piled up in my office and now crowding the corridor of the alleyway.

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