Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Occasional Sweet Psalmist

I am touched by one prayer among 7 or 8 prayers offered by the leaders of the church at the closing session of the Church Camp this morning. He thanked God that I was able to be "the occasional sweet psalmist" during the Camp, having spoken on King David for 6 sessions (extra morning session today with laying of hands and time for ministry) and I sang 4 of my songs, thus fulfilling my promise to sing a few songs during the Church Camp and also that David as the singer of Israel and composer of many songs is often a neglected theme in the study of the life of David:

1) Fall Afresh on Me Holy Spirit
2) We are changed into the same image (2 Cor 3)
3) The Lord is my Shepherd (Psa 23)
4) I ask You for Jerusalem (on Jerusalem Day yesterday, 47 years since Jerusalem was re-united under Israeli rule on 10th June 1967)

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