Tuesday, June 24, 2014

David's Psalms & Preaching

When sorrows and fears beset me from inside and outside, David's Psalms have been my keep. I have read Psalms 55 to 63 for the past 2 days over and over again. Lord You know how I have lived in peace with my neighbours and I have kept my intregity and never played false to You and to men. Why have my sorrows been unceasing? Unless your comforts delight my soul I would have perished in my afflictions. LORD You know what comes out of my mouth is right before You. How can I do the contrary as many do when for the past 70 months I have declared Your holy words to thousands.
I have finished my season of preaching, begun in August 2008, just 2 months after my arrival in Singapore until last Sunday, 70 months in all. From September last year until June 2014, except for April during which I had preached twice, I had preached at least 3 times a month. I have preached more than before when I was pastor for 63 months. Thus when a church offered me good pay but only told to preach once a month, I quickly said No!

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