Thursday, June 12, 2014

Few Friends & Family

David had his 3 mighty men and another 30 mighty men beside. I have my family and friends. A few friends have proven to be true friends not just words but deeds. Among the excellent ones is one kind soul who offered me free accommodation in his vacant flat and even offered to move my stuff when I am ready. I am ready, Lord. Where You go, I will go. Where You stay I will stay, I will follow You (How timely was the Church Camp's theme song). Others have called, written and texted how they could be of help. They are the mighty men of David. In Sabah I have a few friends that I know I could call on any time without being afraid that I might impose on them. One or two of these friends are willing to do all they can for me to help me fulfil God's purpose.
Despite great disappointment with a few "friends" who are no friends because they only think to cast down and cast out the Lord's anointed. Lord they have marked the steps of Your anointed and the reproaches that should fall on You have fallen on me. My kin and siblings, despite not knowing the Lord has been a great help in time of need and truly a brother is born for adversity.

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