Monday, June 16, 2014

Caiaphas' Prophecy

One of the most intriguing passages in John's Gospel is Caiaphas' prophecy about Jesus. Caiaphas prophesied that it was better for one man to die than the whole nation perished under the Romans. Further he prophesied that Jesus would die and as a result God would gather all the children of God. John's penchant for irony comes to the forefront here as Caiaphas seems to predict or know Jesus' destiny more than Jesus' closest disciples. Though Caiaphas had only murderous intent against Jesus but ironically he has spoken the truth about Jesus' mission and ultimate death. Caiaphas unwittingly became God's mouthpiece though he had no intention whatsoever to benefit Jesus with his pronouncement.
This episode in the life of Jesus informs us that God can even use our enemies to inform us of our future direction and the ultimate intentions of God for our lives. Was Saul among the prophets? And now as high priest, Caiaphas prophesied as was his calling as high priest and with it sealed Jesus' death by planning and executing their murderous plan against the righteous one. Even now, there are many religious leaders and there are many hyprocites among them, using the name of the Lord, some even dare prophesy concerning the Lord's anointed but for all intents and purposes they only want to rid the righteous because the righteous prick their conscience and these religious leaders know in their heart of hearts that they are far from the Lord and therefore they hate those who are near to Him and speak the truth in love.

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